lundi 21 juillet 2014

Aloha shirts…the POWER OF LOVE !

FOR SALE SUN SURF shirts new condition.
1) "Nô Masks" size L- chest 23", shoulder 19", lenght 31" PRICE 100$
2) "New -York photos" size M - chest 23", shoulder 18", lenght 31, lenght 28,5". PRICE 100$
3) SPECIAL EDITION long sleeves "Duke shell" size M - chest 23,25", shoulder 19", sleeve 24,5" PRICE 199$
4) "30's Budda's flowers" size S (fits like M) - chest 21,6", shoulder 18", lenght 26,3" PRICE 100$


lundi 14 juillet 2014

Summer !

The sun is shining and Mr FCC needs it !!!!…Look at his poor white feet in his old loafers…Give him now sunlight and vitamin D, twist and exotic romances…help !!!!!!!

vendredi 4 juillet 2014

Furnit U re S

Furnitures for French Cancan's art galery?…
no problem, 


 WW2  dead stocks…perfect for gentleman deco !

mercredi 25 juin 2014

MARINE NATIONALE…summer's best

Two pants this summer to be the king of the beach battalion!
Close-up and details of the original deadstock 30's design 1951 dated, french deck pants and the MISTER FREEDOM CREW PANTS fatique pants, inspired with the pattern of the P57 model. Similar grey/blue mixed linen fabric…light and strong ! Man, what you need for this hot hot summer !!!!!!



Any questions, ask !!!!

Deadstock "DECK PANTS' "30'S PATERN
Any questions, ask !!!!