samedi 22 novembre 2014

24 hours sales !

Only 24 hours to buy the best of FCC's stuff with 25% less.
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samedi 15 novembre 2014


Inspired with the Vietnam helicopter pilot cap, Papa Nui offered to the French Cancan battalion the best of its production ! … "SAIGON SHIT"… don't miss your best camo trucker cap and ask John !!!!! Napalm smell option is a bit expensive !

+ today new stuff 

vendredi 7 novembre 2014

Best of EBAY

French Cancan's selection of the best you could find actualy this week on ebay…
Southwestern, military, 2 tone sportswear, horsehair, horsehide, denim…everything you need if you are a true vintage millionaire !

lundi 27 octobre 2014

"Les petits PAPIERS"

How to be one of the best vintage society magazine today ?
"The Heritage post" knows that…
Japanese style ( Free & easy, Lightning, Cluth ) but with european approach, THP knows what it talks about !!!… Style, clothing, furniture, food, art… if you want to be "at the top" !!! read The Heritage Post and speak german ……………or learn it!

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mardi 21 octobre 2014


Born in Greenville, Texas, Locklear became fascinated by flying, trying to build his own glider, so when World War I involved the US in 1917, he joined the U.S. Army Air Service. He trained in Austin, at Camp Dick and Barron Field, becoming a flying instructor. Locklear was an exponent of wing walking to make aircraft repairs in flight.

A 2nd lieutenant at the end of the war, he had been assigned to military recruitment when he saw a barnstorming show, and realized his own usual flying exploits were far more impressive. Locklear left the Army to join the show with two military  colleagues, Milton 'Skeets' Elliott and Shirley Short. They soon obtained aircraft and formed their own show, performing far and wide. This opened the way to a movie career in California, where they performed aerial stunts for the camera.

Locklear and Elliott died in 1920 after an aerial maneuver while filming Locklear's second movie, The Skywayman. While filming the finale by night at De Mille Airfield near Los Angeles, Elliott was to dive the plane, carrying himself and Locklear, towards some oil derricks and appear to crash it. He forewarned the lighting crew to douse their lights when he got near the derricks, so that he could see to pull out of the dive; the lights remained full on, blinding him, and he crashed. The movie showed the crash and its aftermath in detail.

 Leather jacket actualy for sale as Locklear's original one for 1600 $…
Strange 40's style jacket…for a man died in 1920…
…or the ghost of Locklear possibly hanted the sky during the WW2 !
Anyway nice back painting…